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If you own a Hoover, you own a well-built vacuum, to say the least. Why not preserve your investment with one of our quality replacement belts or other replacement parts? We take pride in producing parts meeting only the highest standards. Did you know that some vacuum parts in the industry are marked up as much as eight times what they cost to make? At Crucial Vacuum, we are the manufacturer of the parts we sell, so we pass on the savings to you.

At Crucial Vacuum, we'll get your Hoover vacuum replacement order to you quickly. Save gas and save the environment; there's no need to drive around town. Just go to your front door once your delivery arrives, and you'll be back to vacuuming in no time at all. Should any question come up, our experts will be here to help. At Crucial Vacuum, we have an unbeatable approach. Allow us to serve you; you'll be happy with your decision.