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As they get used more and more, all vacuum cleaners will need to be repaired and have parts replaced. The thought of maintaining your Oreck vacuum cleaner or steam mop might tempt you into just buying a brand new model, but that's not always the best option. Repairing and replacing parts as necessary is not only better for the environment, but also your budget.

We sell vacuum cleaner bags, belts and service kits for Oreck products. Our basic Oreck XL 1 Year Supply Kit will ensure that your vacuum cleaner is in great shape all year round. The kit includes eight bags, ten scent tablets and two extra-large belts. We also offer a Steam-It Kit with six mop pads, so your hardwood and tile floors are just as clean as your carpets. No matter what Oreck product parts you need, we can provide it for you at a low cost.