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Dyson brand vacuum cleaners have long been known for their durability and reliability. However, when your Dyson breaks or needs a part replaced, fixing your vacuum is easier than you might think. Instead of having to wait weeks or longer for the manufacturer to finish the repair, you can easily and inexpensively replace the damaged part. Repairing your vacuum rather than replacing the entire unit is environmentally friendly as well!

Crucial Vacuum manufacturers belts, filters, rollers, hoses, brushes, switches, and other essential Dyson parts. Because we manufacturer our own parts, we can ensure they are made to exact specifications. Even better than knowing you are getting a high-quality part is knowing that we pass our savings directly to you! We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, and we are happy to help answer all of your questions about replacing your Dyson's belt, installing a new vacuum filter or replacing a cracked Dyson switch.