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The Dirt Devil brand is most often associated with the Hand Vac, which has been around since 1984. Although this is Dirt Devil's signature model, the company also makes stick, canister and upright vacuum cleaners.

When you need replacement parts for any Dirt Devil vacuum look to our website. Replacing belts, filters and other parts is easier then you might imagine. Our expert, friendly staff is with you every step of the way should you have questions as you complete your repair. And remember, self repair is good for the environment. Don't dispose of a perfectly good vacuum; enjoy the many years of additional service that it can give you.   

Crucial Vacuum is unique because we manufacture the replacement parts ourselves, to exacting standards. Then, we pass the savings to you. Did you know that, in many cases, replacement belts and other parts for vacuums are marked up as much as eight times? No wonder people give up on their vacuums before they should! 

We've cut out the middleman to give you substantial savings. For direct-from-the-manufacturer savings, look to Crucial Vacuum for your vacuum repairs.
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