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As the first vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Hoover has produced high-quality vacuum cleaners for over a century. Today, Hoover produces upright, canister and stick vacuum units that are designed for easy use and to clean your entire home for a better living environment.

If your Hoover needs a new belt or other part, get a quality, low cost replacement through our online store. What makes us special? Well, we manufacture our own parts to specific manufacture standards. Order from Crucial Vacuum and there is no middleman. As a result, we offer low prices for all our replacement parts. Replacing and repairing your vacuum cleaner yourself is also good for the environment since it eliminates unnecessary waste when you throw out a vacuum.

If it any point you're unsure or confused when you're replacing or repairing your Hoover vacuum, we're here to help you. Try us out; you'll be glad you did! 
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