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Miele is known for its AirClean 12-stage filtration system that pulls more than 99.9-percent of particles and allergens from the air. When your Miele vacuum needs a part or a new belt, Crucial Vacuum will have what you need. 

Whether your Miele is an upright, stick or canister-style unit, we'll help you get your vacuum ready to perform at maximum capacity. Be good to the environment by keeping your vacuum cleaner from a premature retirement. You paid good money for your vacuum; let's team up to get it working again.

We've made the online shopping experience streamlined and simple: A few clicks and your belt or other needed item will be on its way. Simply install the needed part and your Miele vacuum will be back in operation. Should a question arise, our skilled technicians are ready to help you out. Save time and money by working with us at Crucial Vacuum.

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