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The Dirt Devil first came into being in 1984 as an innovative, hand-held vac that took the market by storm. Although the "hand-held" is perhaps the best known, Dirt Devil vacuums also come in upright, stick and canister designs. Whatever type of Dirt Devil you have, we at Crucial Vacuum can get you the new belt or other replacement part that you need quickly and at low cost. What makes us worth doing business with? Well, we are the manufacturer of high-quality vacuum parts made to exacting standards. Buy from us, and you'll completely eliminate the middleman. Our online store is easy to use.

Not only will you save money with our parts, you'll be good to the environment as well. Don't replace a perfectly good vacuum before its time. When performing your repair or replacement, our expert assistance is readily available should any question arise. We at Crucial Vacuum look forward to earning your trust and your business!