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In a world of traditional vacuum cleaner brands, Dyson is a relative newcomer. It employs what is called "cyclone" technology, which has been praised for its quality and performance. Dyson manufactures hand-held, canister and upright vacuums. Their superior quality makes it worthwhile to invest in a repair. When it is time to replace a belt or some other part on a Dyson product, why not do the repair/replacement yourself? Work with us here at Crucial Vacuum, and we'll offer you substantial savings. 

The secret is that we completely eliminate the middleman by manufacturing our own quality parts to close tolerances. Did you know that some competitors sell parts for as much as eight times what they cost to make? When you work with Crucial Vacuum, we'll save you cash and offer expert help if you need it. From start to finish, we are here to make sure that your repair project is completed quickly and painlessly.