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As an authorized Neato dealer, Crucial Vacuum can help bring you the cutting edge in home-cleaning products. Neato manufactures state-of-the-art robotic vacuum cleaners that are sure to amaze you. Crucial Vacuum sells brand new Neato robotic cleaners as well as replacement parts for pieces that are worn or broken. Fixing your vacuum is easier than you might expect and our high quality parts are manufactured to exact standards so that you get a perfect repair every time.

The Neato vacuum robot contains a centrifugal compression-impeller and jet-engine airflow to create a high-powered suction force to clean up everything from pet hair to spilled cereal. Best of all, Neato can monitor its own battery life. Once the battery gets low, the robot returns to the base, recharges and then returns to finish cleaning where it left off. You can also program the vacuum cleaner to automatically sweep at the time you select.