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Hoover 15" Windtunnel Self Propelled Brush Roll & Belt Kit, Part # 48414132, 48414160, 91001201, 38528035, 38528034

  • Price: $21.99 - Out of stock
  • Brand: Hoover
  • Product ID: 700953604170
Out of Stock
  • Designed to Fit Hoover
  • Compare to Part # 48414069, 48414160, 38528035 & 38528034
  • Durable Long Life Belts & Roller
  • Designed & Engineered by Crucial Vacuum

SKU# 700953604170

Quick Overview

  • Designed to Fit Hoover

  • Compare to Part # 48414069, 48414160, 38528035 & 38528034

  • Durable Long Life Belts & Roller

  • Designed & Engineered by Crucial Vacuum

Product Description

High quality replacement brush roller & belt kit designed to fit Hoover Windtunnel self-propelled vacuum cleaner. Compared to Hoover vacuum roller part # 448414132, 48414160, 91001201 & 1 flat belt part # 38528035 and 1 V belt part # 38528035. Roller measures 14 1/2" in length.

Designed to fit Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled vacuum cleaner models»

  • Fits These Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled Models: U64019RM, U6423900, U6425900, U6425920, U6425950, U6429900, U6430900, U6431900, U6432900, U6433900, U6434900, U6435900, U6436900, U6437900, U6439-900, U6441900, U6441940, U6445900, U6445906, U6445920, U6446900, U6449900, U6450900, U6451900, U6451960, U6455900, U6455960, U6458900, U6459900, U6460900, U6470900, U6470910, U6471900, U6473900, U6474900, U6476900, U6607900, U6616900, U6617900, U6617960, U6625900, U6626900, U6630900, U6630960, U6625900, U6655900, U6660900.

Is It Time to Replace Your Hoover WindTunnel Brush Roll?

The brush roll on your vacuum cleaner plays a huge role in determining the cleanliness of your carpets and rugs. The component penetrates these surfaces, removing dirt, dust and other debris that’s deeply embedded in them.

If you’ve noticed that your self-propelled Hoover WindTunnel vacuum cleaner isn’t getting your carpets as clean as you remember, there may very well be something wrong with your brush roll. The good news is that fixing this component isn’t a terribly hard thing to do. And when you shop at Crucial Vacuum, it won’t break the bank either.

After you’ve decided it’s time to replace your Hoover WindTunnel brush roll, you’re next going to have to ask yourself whether you want to spend more money on an OEM replacement part or save some cash and go with a generic one instead.

Say Goodbye to Middlemen

At Crucial Vacuum, we don’t think it makes much sense to spend any more money on replacement vacuum cleaner parts than is absolutely necessary. In fact, that’s why we were founded in 2008: to give customers a cheaper alternative in a market long dominated by big-name companies.

Unlike many of our competitors who outsource the production of their replacement cleaning products to third parties, we design and build our replacement Hoover WindTunnel brush rolls in our own facilities. We then ship our products directly to you via the Internet instead of choosing to ship them to retailers who’ll jack up the price a little more. Our modern approach to the supply chain results in considerable cost savings — which we pass on to our customers without thinking twice.

If you’re looking for a new brush roll and the accompanying belts that help power it, look no further than Crucial Vacuum. One more thing: We offer free shipping on all orders sent to U.S. addresses, so you stand to save even more when you choose us!

This is a generic product designed and engineered in the United States by Crucial Vacuum. This is not a Hoover® OEM product and is not covered under any Hoover® manufacturer's warranty. Please check your manufacturer’s warranty with regard to the use of non-OEM parts. Crucial Vacuum provides no warranty or guarantee with regard to the product or its compatibility with your Hoover® product. Any use of Crucial Vacuum non-OEM products in your Hoover® product is done at your own risk. The Hoover® brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Hoover® brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.